Company Formation

We can assist you with forming a corporation (Subchapter C or S); limited liability company; or limited partnership, in California, other states and international jurisdictions. See our Pricing tag above and our Incorporation tag for musings about this topic.

Estate Planning, Living Trusts and Asset Protection

Not only can you avoid the time, expense and uncertainty of probate, by using relatively simple planning mechanisms you can protect your assets from frivolous litigants. We are familiar with the full panoply of options. See Pricing tag above and our Estate Planning tag for information which can inform your decision.

Family Law

Divorce/legal separation and related child custody, visitation and child support assistance. We also can assist you with your property settlement agreement. See Pricing tag and Family Law tags above.

Other Civil Law Filings

Name changes, misdemeanor expungements, judgments, collections, etc. (We do not assist in evictions at this time). See Pricing tag.

You can save money and time using a registered legal document assistant

Many common legal matters are relatively simple, and do not require the use of an expensive lawyer. You can save money and receive more personalized attention. Our overhead is vastly less than that of a traditional law office.

Expertise and Quality

Trained by premier legal practitioner, I can provide a high level of quality--in many cases higher than the average attorney.

What is a legal document assistant?

California law SB1418, effective January 1, 2020, and codified at Business and Professions Code Section 6400 et seq., authorizes non-lawyers to prepare legal documents for people doing their own legal tasks. Effective January 1, 2000, these non-lawyers, called Legal Document Assistants, may distribute to their customers legal materials that have been published or approved by a lawyer; prepare the customers’ legal documents under the direction of their customers; file the customers’ legal documents in the appropriate courts. You can read more about the legal background surrounding this profession here

Information regarding our registration.

Jalaxie Legal Document Service, Inc. has registered with the San Bernardino County Clerk, registration number 0397, expiring September 1, 2025.

No legal advice

As a legal document assistant, we are not authorized, and cannot provide to you, any legal advice. We base our work and the forms we employ on attorney-approved checklists. magna aliqua.

We are also required to enter into a written contract with each client. A sample contract is provided here.