These are the prices for our most basic services. For additional civil filings, contact us.

Company Formation

$249California entities

  • This price does not include state fees. The state of California is waiving fees until June 30, 2023. Price includes high quality organization minutes, bylaws and corporate kit (seal and 3-ring binder)
  • LLC includes Operating Agreement and corporate kit
  • Please see our Incorporation Tag for further information
  • >We also have great familiarity with other states, including Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, and Delaware. All $0 tax states. Prices vary
  • In the rare occasion in which foreign incorporation is useful, we know the most efficient and cost effective means.

Family Law

$249 to $999depending on matter, plus filing fee

  • Uncontested, no minor children or assets $249
  • Child custody/property issues add $300 for each
  • Add $100 to the above for QDRO issues
  • Includes drafting marital settlement agreement
  • See Family Law Tag for useful information
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